RAW! La Catarsis Workshop

The catharsis! 2 wedding workshops of 2 days each in a week, people came from Bolivia, Concepción, Osorno, there were friends, ex-brides, It was pure laughs, a lot of sharing, a lot of pressure, a lot of beer, a lot of pictures on the floor, bare feet, a lot of work to discover who we are… I think I`m happy, I gave everything on the court to try to each one has a more personal job, deal with who is behind each photo,
I really hope it was worth the effort that each one made …
Thank you for making these 4 days pure intensity. Here is a summary with photos of everyone, with nice comments, with a little bit of what this RAW was! Thank you for the trust!

Grupete del martes y miércoles

Grupete del sábado y domingoPorque este trabajo es de hacer lazos y creo que tengo la suerte de ser amiga de los mejores jajajaja Azahar Flores llegó el domingo con esta hermosura de regalo, la Romi llegó con su hija a darme esta belleza… gracias infinitas!!!! lo quiero embalsamar!! jajajaj

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