Fearless Conference Charleston USA

When Huy wrote me asking me if I wanted to give a talk at Fearless Conference … my first thought was that it was a bad joke from a friend and my answer was that I had the date occupied in an act of denial, because the talk had to be on English and we are talking about Fearless po! … one of those Conferences that you would like to attend as an assistant … Two weeks later I thought about it again, the invitation came back to me and I said how I can be such an idiot! Jajajaj and I went back to write to Huy to see if the invitation was still valid, Huy told me YES! and we bought the ticket … that was so long ago that I thought it was not going to arrive that day .. I took English lessons, because I was so nervous about the language, that this was so important and that I was alone, that this person had trusted in me … it was a mad challenge, also in a complex moment of life, many things happening and little capacity for concentration .. but there we went and the experience was surreal … as if it were not me who closed the congress, alone speaking in English… I still think it and I do not believe it , Besides sharing with incredible people that I admire as Darcy Padilla, what amazing work my god! and what dances we hit!, David Murray, with whom there were those connections, long conversations of life … my team: Jenny & Isil <3 , Ryan, Bryan, Danielle, Marius, Kirsten, Katie, Siva, Joe, Bobby, Craig, Steve, Tyler, Ben … there are so many more people in my head … Thanks infinitely to Huy for trusting with blind faith In me, without knowing much more than my work of marriages … thanks to Christian Cardona and Susana Barberá for talking to Huy like that of me … What is life without friends. Today I feel proud of myself, rarely happens that, but I overcame my own fears and that is a lot to say.

And to close all this conference was to donate all the donated to an Environment Fund and we donated US$ 17,000!

This was unforgettable!




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